What we do for our clients:
  • Provide clients with the tools and "Cultural Change" support to allow them to achieve "World Class" performance
  • Save them money by improving their management of Reliability, Operating  Accuracy, Quality and Safety .
  • Design programs tailored to their situation and needs.
  • Train , mentor and coach their staff
  • Our Copyrighted Methodology using the "Problem / Issues" pyramid describes a system that shows how inter - linked the four primary phases of manufacturing are (Reliability, Operational accuracy, Quality and Safety)

             Facilitate investigation of major loss issues in multi party disputes

             Provide expert testimony             


We believe three essential facts:
  1. Businesses must operate successfully in the global marketplace .
  2. Becoming efficient is a precursor to becoming lean.
  3. Knowing how something is supposed to work doesn't necessarily equate with actually doing it successfully .

We educate our clients in the techniques listed below and implement the resulting programs which make their Manufacturing Operations both Lean and Efficient .

We calculate the potential savings and help them prepare the documentation to justify the program and set milestones to mark progress.


We can show you how to become “lean” without damaging your core competencies in the process. Try a better solution: implement our fast track improvement and modernization program before the reduction process takes place.


If you are located within 50 miles of Houston, Texas we will survey your operation, then present you with a short assessment on your probable savings and how they can be achieved. We will do the same for businesses outside the Houston area for only travel expenses at cost. We are based in North America and Europe but work internationally.


We invite you to put our combination of hands-on experience and intellectual muscle to work to make real improvements happen for you!

Download articles written by our founder, Bernie Price , published in Hydrocarbon Processing, Chemical Processing and IADC’s Drilling Contractor.

Meet people who have recently exceeded their improvement goals. We can arrange for you to talk with named contacts at our major clients, who have included Cabot, Champion Technologies, Merisol, Chesterton, FMC, Monsanto, Hawker Siddley, HOI, Dixilyn-Field, among numerous others.

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